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New Google AI Agents of 2024 – Shocking Google New Announcement

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Introduction to Google AI Agents Strategy 

As Per the Title New Google AI Agents you already know that what is inside this post. As we see It looks like Google is going all in on AI agents. The latest Google Cloud Next keynote presentation, which covers some of the new product developments across Google, had one major theme: AI agents. AI agents for customer service, AI agents for helping your employees get more stuff done, for marketing, for driving, for analyzing vast quantities of data, for creating content and podcasts and videos, AI agents for cybersecurity, for coding, for deploying new e-commerce pages – AI agents for everything.  

In this post, I have cut the most important announcements and AI agent demos that they have shown so you can understand better what Google is about to roll out.  

#1 Google AI Agents – New Announcement 

This Big Announcement is  focused on generative AI. As we know, customers have quickly gone from experimenting with generative AI, helping it to answer questions, to making AI predictions, and now building generative AI agents. Agents process multimodal information simultaneously, conversing, reasoning, learning, and making decisions. Agents can connect with other agents and with humans, and they will transform how each of us interacts with computing devices and the web itself. We know, many peoples are building early versions of AI agents.

Let’s take a Model, Gemini, which has advanced reasoning skills with multimodal information. It is  the only cloud to offer widely used first-party, third-party, and open-source models. Vertex AI to access, tune, augment, and deploy custom models and to build agents. 

You can also See Full Video here —- 

Generative AI Agents: Transforming Interactions 

Introduction to Gemini models and their significance. 

Shortly before this presentation, Google rolled out its latest model, Gemini 1.5 Pro, with a 1 million token context window. And here’s the important thing to understand: Google has seemingly been struggling a lot in the AI race, but just in the last few months, I think they made a pretty large breakthrough with the 1.5 Pro model. The tech giant has introduced new Google AI agents that have adapted the mixture of expert’s architecture, so the model is not like GPT-4, which uses the same architecture, which Google pioneered along with Transformers.

They’ve created a lot of this technology. OpenAI was able to use that, put it together better, innovate, iterate, and get it out faster. But now Google is reclaiming that technology and advancing their models. And here’s the thing: Gemini 1.5 Pro with the 1 million token context window is good. If you’ve played around with some of their other stuff before and found it lackluster, you might be dubious about some of the claims that they’re making in the keynote. But again, as I’ve been using that model, as many other people online have been using that model and reporting back the results. 

Overview of Gemini 1.5 Pro and its features. 

It’s becoming very clear that Google’s AI technology is becoming exceptionally good. I’m sure there are some areas where GPT-4 excels, some where it falls short, and then there are areas where the Gemini model clearly outshines, like the context window. Let’s take a look at the Google New Announcement on AI Agents. Keep in mind that this will be rolling out very rapidly to all Google customers, their enterprise partners, and all the big businesses eager to integrate this technology into their operations. 

Applications of generative AI agents in customer service and marketing. 

As these employees and customers get their hands on it and start using it, Google will gather more and more data on how people are using it, driving improvements in the products—a sort of flywheel effect. Whether or not you’re rooting for Google to win the AI race, it’s important to understand that they’re targeting the enterprise space aggressively, aiming to deploy their AI products across massive global companies, with the goal of getting everyone to use their products. 

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#2 Google AI Agents – New Announcement

Customer Agents: Enhancing User Experience 

The opportunity for customer agents is tremendous. To help each of you build customer agents faster, we’re introducing Vertex AI Agent Builder. You can now create customer agents that are amazingly powerful in just three key steps. First, you can use Gemini Pro to create free-flowing, human-like conversations with text, voice, images, and video as inputs, and personalize them with custom voice models. These new Google AI agents can engage in remarkably natural and contextual dialogues, drawing upon the vast knowledge and capabilities of the Gemini Pro model.

Second, you can use natural language instructions to control the conversation flow and guide it on specific topics you want it to discuss, such as current events. Just like training human agents, you can also control when it hands over to a human agent, with transcription and summarization of its conversation history to make these transitions extremely smooth. Third, you can improve response quality with vector-based and keyword-based search to connect your internal information and the entire web. You can also use extensions to complete tasks for customers, like updating contact information, booking a flight, or ordering food. 

Demonstrative example of a customer agent helping with online shopping. 

Let’s look at an example of a customer agent in action. Let’s head over to my favorite store, Simple Fashion. They just launched a customer agent using Gemini and vector search to deliver a seamless shopping experience.  

So last night, I was watching a video of this band, and I love the keyboard player’s shirt. I thought, “I’d really like to be wearing that shirt tomorrow night, but can I find it in my size and in time to be rocking it at the concert here in Vegas?” The customer agent is using Gemini’s multi-reasoning to analyze the text and video to identify exactly what I’m looking for. Then, Gemini turns it into a searchable format. How cool is this? It found the checkered shirt I’m looking for and some other great options in no time. Of course, it never fails—there are only three left in my size. 

I don’t want to miss out on wearing this shirt, so I’m going to go ahead and give the store a call and ask them to set it aside for me. I’m so close to having this shirt for the concert! Let’s give the store a call. 

 Potential impact and concerns regarding AI-driven customer service. 

Reading the last demonstration about customer service agents, as an e-commerce owner myself, I am overly excited about what I can do for my business. I know you are also excited about it. As a normal human being that gets very frustrated with how companies go about marketing, especially online—using various pop-ups and injecting pages into your history so that when you click the back button it actually takes you to a different page, various autoplay ads, forcing you to watch ads before you can interact with certain functionality in apps or websites, the massive amounts of emails that they send—It feel like that trend will continue,

But now with AI assistance. The potential for these new Google AI agents to be used for aggressive or intrusive marketing tactics is certainly concerning. So, as you’re talking to them over the phone, there’s really nothing that prevents them from giving you the hard pitch to buy something. We’ll see how this gets implemented. It could be a nightmare, but hopefully, there will be some counterbalance that will prevent these companies from really abusing it. 

Employee Agents: Boosting Productivity 

But in this next part, let’s look at employee agents. So, these are agents that will help employees be more productive but also will help you as an individual be productive. And some of this stuff is extremely exciting. If you’ve ever had to comb through massive legal files like if you’re trying to lease a car or an apartment, if you’ve ever been confused about certain medical bills (here in the US, the medical billing industry is insane—it’s very complicated, it’s very annoying—I don’t know how half the stuff they do can even be legal), but having an intelligent AI assistant seems like it could be a big help. Take a look. 

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#3 Google AI Agents – Employee Agents 

Introduction to Gemini for Workspace. 

There are lots of ways Gemini for Workspace is helping our customers save time. Let me show you the magic of one example in action. I’ve been asked to evaluate two proposals for a new payroll system. I open up my Drive and I see that there are two statements of work (SOW) here that outline the vendor proposals.

Google Drive is AI-ready without any additional pre-work, and everything here is protected with our industry-leading security. All I need to do to get started is drag and drop the two files over into the Gemini side panel, which is currently in preview. In just a few seconds, Gemini for Workspace will give me an outline of these proposals so that I can have a good idea of what they’re about. And I could go even further and ask, ‘Compare the price of the two offers.’ 

Each of these documents is over 70 pages. It would have taken me hours to review these docs, but instead, Gemini is going to help me find a clean answer to save me a ton of time. And as you can see, I have the answer right here in the Gemini side panel. As we see in below image 

Use case scenario of an employee agent aiding with benefits enrollment. 

Let’s go ahead and dive into one of these proposals. So, I’m going to pick this one. One of the things that you’ll notice about Gemini in Docs is that it will proactively show me a summary of this file so that I can get a sense of what’s going on without needing to take the time to read the whole thing.

But before I proceed with this vendor, I need to ensure that no compliance issues exist. And I’m going to be honest, I have not memorized every rule in our compliance rule book because it is over 100 pages. I would have needed to scour the 80 pages of this proposal and compare it manually with 100 pages of the rule book. So, instead, in the side panel, I ask, ‘Does this offer comply with the following?’  

and I’m going to at-mention our compliance rule book, hit enter, and see what Gemini has to say. Okay, so interesting. Gemini has found an issue because the supplier does not list their security certifications. These new Google AI agents are remarkably capable at quickly analyzing complex documents and identifying potential compliance concerns. Because Gemini is grounded in my company’s data with source citations to specific files, I can trust this response and start to troubleshoot before selecting a vendor.

Gemini for Workspace was terrific in this example, saving me a lot of time without compromising on accuracy. And this technology can be applied in so many other use cases: a sales team analyzing RFPs, a recruiter developing interview questions, and so much more. 

Demonstration #2 – Use case scenario of an employee agent aiding with benefits enrollment.  

Many of our customers are building employee agents to automate workflows that are tedious and repetitive. One of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, HCA Healthcare, is using our generative AI technology to help caregivers spend more time with patients and less on paperwork. They’re testing Katy. So, Katy is a nurse handoff digital assistant, helping to ensure continuity of care when one caregiver shift ends and another begins. It delivers summaries in everyday language to ensure that caregivers can share information easily and provides them up-to-the-minute patient data to expedite the discharge process. 

Demonstration #3 

Hi folks! So, I know you all want to hear about awesome AI stuff that’s coming, but I need to talk to you for a minute about my annual benefits enrollment. See, I forgot I have to finish signing up by today, and as you can see, I might be a little bit busy. So, if you don’t mind, let’s go ahead and look at this open enrollment email together, okay? Yep, I’ve got a deadline.

I knew that. Thank you. We got FSA stuff, I’ve got an online portal for my company HR… okay, there’s a lot here. Ah, they included a video. Let’s see if this makes my life easier. And the video is… ah, okay, so it’s almost an hour long. Yeah, I’m not going to have time to review all of this stuff. 

New Google AI Agents 

Prompt #1 – First Demonstration for Employee Agent 

Let’s see how this employee agent that we’ve developed using Google Workspace, Gemini models, and Vertex AI might be able to help me. As you can see, it’s integrated directly into my Google Chat so I don’t have to contact switch while I’m figuring all this stuff out.  

gemini-New Google AI Agents

The response i get from Gemini is just amazing it summarize my email just look this Screenshot 

Gemini- Google New Announcement on AI Agents

Prompt #2 – Second Demonstration for Employee Agent 

 Google AI Agents 

Second things, let’s have it compare Pdf Doc. 

—-“Compare these coverage options to the PDF doc I have on the Platinum plan.” 

Google New Announcement on AI Agents

The Gemini model’s long context window paired with Vertex extensions enables the agent to cross-reference large amounts of data from a variety of sources, including unstructured data like PDFs. Leveraging Gemini’s advanced reasoning capabilities, the agent is able to understand the complex details of my current plan and compare it with the new options for 2025. These powerful new Google AI agents in 2024 can tap into a wealth of information to provide well-informed recommendations. And since the Enterprise grounding feature links me to the exact data that Gemini used to draw conclusions, which you can see linked here, I can confidently trust its recommendation that the gold plan is best for me. And done. 

Prompt #3 – Final Demonstration for Employee Agent 

For Google New Announcement on AI Agents 

 So, one last thing. Now that I’ve officially completed enrollment, my daughter’s going to need braces this year. Let’s use the agent to help me find the right orthodontist. 

“My daughter will need braces this year. Help me find the best in-network orthodontist near my home.” 

With Vertex extensions, the Gemini model can integrate with any external or internal API. This allows the agent to join my dental coverage details directly with real-time Google Maps and Places data to help determine the best-ranked in-network providers near me. Okay, so it looks like Symbol Orthodontics is the only one that offers Saturday appointments, which works best for my family’s schedule. But what do I really know about them? How do I know that the agent picked the best orthodontists? On a quick scan of the summary, shows me that they’re great with kids, which is great. I particularly love this customer review. I’ll go with them. 

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#4 Google New Announcement on AI Agents – Google Vids 

Introduction to Google Vids as an AI-powered video creation app. 

Next up, they’re talking about a brand new thing that they’re rolling out, just like they have Google Sheets and Google Docs, now they have Google Vids, which is going to be pretty interesting for making video presentations. So, think PowerPoint but with video, but also completely automated with AI. The new Google AI agents in 2024 powering Google Vids will make creating various marketing campaigns online a lot faster and easier. Unfortunately, this could also potentially enable more aggressive or manipulative online marketing practices. Take a look. 

Demonstrative example of creating video content with Gemini’s assistance. 

How many times have you heard, ‘Should we start with a doc or a deck?’ Well, we can do a lot better. I’m absolutely thrilled to announce our newest Workspace app, Google Vids. Sitting alongside Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Vids is an AI-powered video creation app for work. With the remarkable capabilities of our new Google AI agents in 2024, we’ve integrated Gemini into Vids, giving you a video writing, production, and editing assistant all in one.

Let me show you how simple it is to get started with Vids. Now, after a full week with all of you here at Next, I’m going to want to share a recap video to share all the excitement with my organization. When I open up Vids, Gemini helps me get started. I simply type in a prompt using an existing document for context. Based on that prompt, Gemini suggests a narrative outline for the story that I could easily customize and edit. I choose an expressive style, and Vids works its magic. Let’s see what I get. 

So, wow, just like that, I get the first draft with beautifully designed, fully animated scenes complete with relevant multimedia and music, and even a generated script. I’ll be able to add fun videos and photos that I captured this week from my media directly by accessing Google Drive and Google Photos. And even without any video expertise, I can build out scenes like a pro just as easily as I make slides.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. With Vids, you can personalize your story your way by recording yourself or by using one of our preset voices by Gemini. The new Google AI agents powering Google Vids can create highly customized video content with just a few prompts. 

Beyond Vids, many customers are building agents for their marketing teams, audio and video production teams, and all of the creative people out there who could use a hand. We provide a tremendously powerful platform and stack to build creative agents. First, it takes the best image generation model, Imagine 2.0, our most advanced text-to-image technology helps businesses create images that match their specific brand requirements. This is now generally available in Vertex AI. Imagine’s strong language comprehension and photorealism capabilities contributed to Google securing the leadership position in the recent Forrester Computer Vision Wave.  

Second, as a part of Imagine, we’re now introducing text-to-live image in preview today. Marketing and creative teams can generate animated images from a text prompt, including product images, ads, GIFs, and storyboards. Here’s an example of a day lily opening in the morning dew and a pot of something delicious simmering on the stove, or an aerial view of a mountain range. 

Third, we are proud to announce the general availability of digital watermarking for AI-generated images produced by Imagine. It’s powered by Google DeepMind’s Synth ID. Finally, we’re announcing new editing modes for Imagine 2.0 which will make it really easy to remove unwanted elements in an image, add new elements, and expand the borders of the image to create a wider view. 

Note : ***All images are taken from official announcement video.

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The presentation concludes by emphasizing Google’s commitment to advancing AI technology and its potential to transform various industries. The tech giant has introduced new Google AI Agents in 2024 that aim to empower businesses and individuals to achieve more with less effort, driving innovation and productivity. By leveraging these Google New Announcement on AI Agent, they seek to drive progress across various sectors. However, it also acknowledges the importance of responsible implementation and ethical considerations in the development and deployment of AI-driven solutions. 
Thank you for reading this article, I hope you like it. Support us by Subscribing to our newsletter and if you have any queries, feel free to mail us or contact us

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