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Top 5 New AI Tools for Developers

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new ai tools for developers

Hello Readers Welcome again to another series of Top 5 new AI tools for developers. We always bring a list of AI websites every month, and thousands and lakhs of websites come every month. It is very difficult to select which website is good for you and which one is not. In this blog, we are going to explore some selected AI websites that are very useful for you. Let’s take a Deep Breath an start About reading All these new AI Tools for Developers.


In today’s world AI plays the most important role in the life of developers. More than 50% of Developers on other working professionals are dependent on AI. So, it is essential to know about what are the upcoming AI technologies and What are the regular changes in AI for professionals To facilitate this, we have design a list of the top 5 new AI tools for Developers, as we read in the above title new AI tools for Developers.

It isn’t necessary that this article is only for Developer it can be very useful to other working professionals, students , Jobseekers etc. By exploring these AI tools listed in Best and new AI tools you can boost your working speed and improve quality of work, let’s discuss in detail about all the new AI tools For Developers. 

Let’s Begin with an Example to to understand new AI tools for developers
Look, I uploaded an image, and it has created some thumbnails for me. Here you will see a photo; it has created this, it has created this, it has created photographs like this, and it has created this.

I upload This Picture –

And The Result are looking Pretty Awesome 

These results are awesome we can Create more good result with the help of new AI tools for developers which we are going to explore in next few paragraphs.

So, without wasting a single sound let’s dive into the blog and let us know about new AI tools for developers. Hello, I am Rahul Baghel Founder of Good4uh, welcoming you to my website, Good4uh blog. As always, I will bring very useful blogs for you today. The links to the old videos that I have brought are given in the the content that are marked as underlined. Go and take a dip in the ocean of knowledge.  

 1. it2text – Text Generator AI 

The name of this website is it2text.com.this tool hold 1st position in the list new AI tools for developers, which solves many of our problems, such as writing, summarizing text, preparing text, generating titles, generating email IDs, generating question answers, and thousands of such tools are given on these websites. Now let me take you to my desktop screen. 

I2Text - New AI tools for Developers

We came to this website after the name. I will first tell you to see the work, see how useful it is. Here, a single website is writing the text for you, summarizing it. Here you will see that it generates question answers, writing articles, and writing stories. If you have a video, you can generate a script for it from here, generate keywords, and generate hashtags.

You can check grammar, generate business names, create slogans, and create paragraphs. You will see that I am scrolling down, and the tools are never-ending. This is a website created to do hundreds of your tasks. Such websites are rarely seen, and I especially became a fan of this new AI tools when I saw it for the first time.

So now let’s try something with it and see what it can do. I have written a story here about a poor boy, Ramesh, becoming rich, and now I will write it from here. In some time, I will have a short story here.  let’s check how much efficient is this new AI tools for developers

Prompt: Write a Story about a poor boy, Ramesh, becoming rich.

New ai tools for developers

Look, here we have a story in which the story of a poor boy becoming rich has been created. By using the many AI tools given on the websites, you can simplify your daily work. 

2. Quiz gecko – Questions and Answers AI 

Now let’s move to our next website Quizgecko which is brand new AI tools for developers, which is very useful for students who are preparing for any competitive exam. You see, whenever we prepare for the competition, we have to face a lot of problems daily. All the questions have to be solved, we have to practice, and we get such questions in the book. We have to give mock tests, and this AI website solves all these problems of yours.

This website provides quizzes with questions and answers for you. You may download different applications or go to different websites to generate quizzes, but still, if you are not able to find quizzes related to your topic, then see how easy it is here. You have to click on Create Quiz. From here, you have to decide what will be your topic.

You can select the language of the question and difficulty. The maximum number of questions is up to 10. You can generate it for free. After 10 here, if you are getting 15 generated or 20 generated, then you will have to take the plan.

QuizGecko -  New AI Tools For Developer

Along with the questions, this provides study notes also. If you are okay with output, you can check the answers to all the questions together. You can also export these questions from here. You can print them, and you can also share them from here.

If you want to send it to someone by email, a link will be sent. You can prepare the questions and answers wherever you are. quizgecko is a very useful website. You must try it once if you are preparing for any competition. 

 3. Ideogram – Text to Image Generator 

Now, let’s move on to the next tool in the list of new ai tools for developers, Website name is Ideogram, which is very useful ai tool. I have used many AI websites till now that create images and stickers, and among them, I especially liked this website.

Here you can design a T-shirt or a sticker. You can create an image. Look here, I have generated some images, and I will show them to you. with the help of this new AI tools for developers you can make a online business of print on demand.

Here, as you see, this is a t-shirt design that I have done from here. A small promotion, I had written for this that I want a “You can Do it” t-shirt design. Now, if I want to make any t-shirt or sticker, I will just type the promotion here and whatever I want to write on the t-shirt.  

The three or four designs that have been made will be available here, which I can use in my t-shirt printing business. Similarly, you can also create logos here. You can also create images here, and the quality is very good. It looks amazing. Once I show you the quality, you will know. 

If you want to create any such image with this new AI tools, you just click on this image and save it. By changing anything in the given promotion, you can also create any similar image and use this website. It is a very useful website.

4. Polonto AI – Editing App 

Now, let’s move towards down to the list of new AI tools for developers. Many of you must be creating content for social media. You have seen that this tool is exactly like Canva. It is similar but absolutely free. Here, you have been given many templates that you can customize easily. Look here, they have given many templates for text.

They have given many free photos and icons. You have been given sets and shapes. Look I have attached its UI Image here, which look similar as Canva. 

You can also upload any photo and image from your computer here. Many backgrounds are given here, and by using all these options, you can prepare any graphic for social media in minutes by using this website. Polonto is also free. when it comes to find a new AI tools for developers which can be useful or no limitation then this tool is good specially for frontend Developers and Graphics Designers

5. Cariyon – Text to Image Generator (No Credit Required) 

Now, let’s move down to our next website in this series of new AI tools for developers, THE Next tool is Craiyon, which creates very beautiful AI images for you. Although there are many websites, some of them require credits, but on this website, no credit is required, and you can create many images absolutely free.

When you enter the keyword and select its style, you will see various images of the as per your keyword in different art styles. If you choose a drawing style, you will get several images that resemble drawings that look like they were drawn by children.

You can also scale the image, remove the background, and download it to your computer with just one click. Cariyon is an AI image generator website. It is a beautiful and highly recommended and on of the best listed site in this blog new AI tools for developers.

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Bonus – Free & New AI tools for developers

6. Gravity Write:  

Now let’s move towards our next website, whose name is Gravity Writer. This website is like a sea of water; it can prepare many things for you in a few minutes. Here, you can see that there are so many categories. 

new ai tools for developers

This new ai tools gives you the freedom of using all these tools. For example, you can see blog tools, image prompts tools, social media tools are given, and whenever you click on any tool, you will see its related tools. For example, if you click on blog tools, you can generate a title, create a content calendar, write a blog post, and rewrite an article. You can also optimize SEO and see your posts SEO score here. Different tools for social media are given as well. If I click here on SEO tools, you will see that there are many types of SEO tools. 

By using this new ai tools, you can generate meta titles and descriptions, create eye-catching titles, write Quora answers, and you can also generate long-tail keywords. This website is very useful for many people and developers as their need. If you want to know about music tools, you can write song lyrics here. You can also generate YouTube video descriptions and tags. The option of short and reel creator is also given. Many such tools are available here, making this website a true sea of tools. We personally used this tool and got the desired results. 

So, these are Top 5 Best and New AI tools for developers, I hope you will understand about all these tools that i have listed above and hope they all are very useful to you. if You like this blogs post and want to continue this series of new ai tools for developers subscribe our Newsletter and Follow us on social Media

For make it Easy to Find these all New AI tools for Developers. I list all these tools below with the access link of these tools –

  1. i2text – https://www.i2text.com/  
  1. Quiz Gecko – https://quizgecko.com/  
  1. Ideogram – https://ideogram.ai/login  
  1. Polonto – https://studio.polotno.com/  
  1. Craiyon – https://www.craiyon.com/  
  1. Gravity Write- https://app2.gravitywrite.com/ 


Welcome to Good4uh, your go-to blog for discovering useful AI tools and websites. The content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only and is based on personal opinions and experiences. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we make no warranties or representations, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, or availability with respect to the content, products, services, or related graphics contained on the blog for any purpose.

Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. The AI tools and websites mentioned in our posts are subject to change, and their availability, functionality, and performance may vary. We do not endorse or guarantee any specific results from using these tools and websites. The links provided to third-party websites are for convenience and informational purposes only, they do not signify an endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation with those websites. for more details Contact us 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using new ai tools for developers?

New AI tools can significantly increase a developer’s productivity by automating repetitive tasks and improving their code quality through advanced analysis, and offers innovative solutions for complex problems. These tools can also simplify content creation, optimize SEO, and generate various types of media, making them invaluable for developers and other professionals alike.

How can the it2text AI tool assist developers?

The it2text tool is highly versatile, providing functionalities such as text generation, summarization, keyword generation, and grammar checking. Developers can use it to create scripts, generate business names, and even produce engaging content for blogs or websites, thereby saving time and effort on writing-related tasks.

What features does Quiz Gecko offer for developers and students?

Quiz Gecko is designed to help users generate quizzes with questions and answers, making it ideal for both developers and students preparing for competitive exams. It allows users to create quizzes on various topics, select question difficulty, and export or share the quizzes. Additionally, it provides study notes and the ability to check answers, streamlining the learning process.

How does the Ideogram AI tool enhance creative projects for developers?

Ideogram is a text-to-image generator that helps developers and designers create customized images, t-shirt designs, logos, and stickers. By simply entering a prompt, users can generate high-quality visuals for their projects, making it a valuable tool for those involved in creative and design work.

What makes Gravity Write a comprehensive tool for developers?

Gravity Write offers a wide range of tools catering to various needs, including blog writing, SEO optimization, social media content creation, and more. It features tools for generating meta titles, writing Quora answers, creating content calendars, and optimizing posts for SEO. This extensive functionality makes it a one-stop solution for developers looking to streamline their workflow and enhance their online presence.

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