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Compare ChatGPT Vs Gemini Vs Copilot AI, Which Is Best? Part -2

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Feature image for comparision among ChatGPT Vs Gemini Vs Copilot

Hello Guys !  

Welcome Back to the Part 2 of the biggest AI Comparison among ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI , Where we are going to find which one is Better. As we know through this Blog We try to Compare these three AI Chat tools on the basic of their Accuracy, Creativity, Ease to Use, Helpfulness, Speed etc.

ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI

At last we gave a complete conclusion table for what conclusion we get after successful comparison if you are a busy person than scroll down and read the conclusion table to know which one is better. But we suggest you read the full article to know in detail. By Continuing the from where we left last post ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI Lets Continue our Post with Prompt Number 4, if You are a new one and not know about previous Part Click here to Read the previous Article. Let Get Started with –

Prompt 4 – Accuracy ( real time data) 

So, we asked how much the Bade Miyan Chote Miyan movie has made so far. 


So, Gemini gave us an up-to-date answer. So, if we Verify it to Box Office collection on Google and looked that, this is close. It is within a couple of days of the total box office of the Bade Miyan Chote Miyan Movie


On the Copilot side again, exactly where we need this to be remarkably close. And it gave us the sources. If we want to read more, we could go to https://www.koimoi.com/, for example. This got the information. It looks like the source is Wikipedia. So, few time he showed us source again. We could google it to learn more, or we could go to the search tab on the Copilot side and learn more about it this way. So that is useful. in this competition of ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI  it seems to be a great comeback for Copilot but we know it is not enough.

Chat GPT 3.5 

Let’s go to ChatGPT 3.5. So ChatGPT again falls behind on the free version. So, if we were comparing just all the free ones, ChatGPT would completely lose because it just cannot answer that. But again, this is something you may just use Google or Copilot for anyway. Not even the AI. You could just do a Google search. We just wanted to show you this limitation. 

Chat GPT 4.0 

But on GPT four, as long as you have web browsing available and activated, it found the answer very, very quickly using this web browsing option. So it did again, give me an accurate answer. So the only limitation here again, is the free version of ChatGPT not being up to date on this information. 

But again, when it comes to scoring in these three AI ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI, we are going to give Gemini and Copilot five stars. But again, we are going to give ChatGPT just three stars because if we were to use the free version or a lot of times this web browsing version takes a little bit longer, it does not find the right answers quickly. So that is not going to be up to par against Copilot and Gemini. 

Prompt 4 : Creativity ( Midjourney Text to Image Prompt ) 

Let’s actually see how creative each one of these are. Now here is the prompt on the Chat GPT side. It gave me a very complete Mid journey prompt. It has location, lighting, poses, expressions, props. So, way, way, way more than I need. But let us see what it produces if I copy and paste that. And again, GPT four gave us a long description as well. So, we just take one of these to show you what this produced. 


Here we have Copilot. So Copilot gave us this prompt that gave us these four different images. Pretty good. Now this one is boring again we left a kind of open to see what they produce. So, we do not give it a lot of prompts here. And this did a surprisingly excellent job too. In this case We think Copilot did a better job creating something more ultrarealistic here. 

image created by Copilot Ai for the comparison among ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI

Chat GPT 

Let’s see what this other one gave me from ChatGPT. And look at this completely different, way more cinematic, way more of a different approach to what the other ones give us. And from all the tests we have done so far, ChatGPT is far more creative. I mean, look at this prompt and the details of this prompt compared to the prompts that other ones gave me. Even when I have ChatGPT, write me poems or write me short stories. it is the fastest horse among ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI.

image craeted by chat gpt and gemini for the comparison among chatgpt-vs-gemini-vs-copilot-ai

Chat GPT does a better job than Gemini, and Copilot only does an excellent job if you change the setting. So, when you have a new topic and you have a conversation style, if you change it to more creative, you are going to get something that is going to be on the creative side.

So, if you want to do poetry, if you want to do things that ChatGPT We showed you that was doing, you need to be on the creative tab. So, this one was nice because you could change the conversational style with the other ones. You could, but you got to give it the text prompt. This one has a toggle to go in between.

So, According to the performance among ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI. ChatGPT wins with five stars and Copilot and Gemini wins only three stars. 

Prompt 5 : Speed Test ( Coding Command) 

We did a coding test just to show you the speed test. So, we are going to ask it to create a game for us that we could run on our computer. What you think who will win ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI lets check –

Chat GPT 

So GPT 3.5 was super-fast. It spit out the code in 10s and then it wrote the rest in another 10s. So, in the 20s it told me exactly what to do and we told it. We do not know anything about programming, so it told me exactly how to do it. It wrote us this code in Python. We could copy the code and then it told me step by step exactly what to do. So where to get Python, how to download it, how to run it on different computers.

we did this test, and we were able to run this simple guessed game or guessed a number game in couple minutes from getting this prompt and following a step by step. Now GPT four is still going right. So GPT four gets the lowest score on speed, but this time is far more accurate than GPT 3.5. 


On the Copilot side, it looks like he gave us a follow up question. So, we are going to tell it you choose it, and it is also creating the same guess the number game for me. So, they all decided on the simplest game they could make is Guess the number game, which again in a couple minutes you could run on your computer.

And this one gave you the code here that you could copy. But as you can see, it is again just as slow as GPT four, because it is using the same engine here. Which could be the fall point among ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI. So right now, Gemini wins the test right now by far for speed. GPT 3.5 was fast, but not accurate. 


As far as the details that it is giving me now, Gemini was the fastest. He gave me this whole output and the code is a bit longer in three seconds. We had this whole output and We got different versions of it too, with a little bit more detail, but this one had a little bit issue with the details of the steps it gave me. So, with Gemini, we were not actually able to follow step by step when I followed the instructions. it seems that the comparision of ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI will all About Gemini. 


Here’s a table summarizing the AI assistant comparison across ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI according to different categories: 

Category Gemini Copilot ChatGPT 3.5 ChatGPT 4 
Ease of Use & Features 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 3 stars (limitations with free version) 
Helpfulness & Completeness Wins on most prompts Wins on some prompts (credits sources) Loses due to outdated data Loses due to outdated data (free version) 
Accuracy (Math Problem) Got the right answer Got the right answer Got the right answer Got the right answer 
Accuracy (Real-time Data) 5 stars 5 stars Loses (free version) 5 stars (with web browsing) 
Creativity (Text-to-Image) 3 stars 3 stars 5 stars 5 stars 
This is The table that we created after successful comparison of these AI ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI.
  • Gemini has the highest ratings for ease of use and features, along with accuracy in real-time data.
  • Copilot excels in helpfulness and completeness on certain prompts, but it is limited by outdated data in its free version.
  • ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 both have limitations with their free versions, particularly in terms of outdated data, but they are still accurate in math problems and creative in text-to-image tasks.

Considering all aspects, Gemini seems to be the most balanced option, with high ratings across ease of use, features, accuracy, and creativity. However, if you prioritize real-time data accuracy and don’t mind potential limitations with the free version, Copilot might also be a suitable choice.

So this Article is ending here and i hope it is quite helpful to you. if you like thi Article then support us we are Good4uh and we are also specialize in digital Marketing contact us if you want some kind of Help or Support Contact us at Good4uh – Digital Marketing Agency

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Thank You.

Which one is Best ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI?

Considering all aspects in this Article, Gemini seems to be the most balanced option ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI.

Is Google Gemini free?

The standard version of Google Gemini is free, but it’s more limited than the paid spin on the AI

Which is more accurate between chat GPT or Google Gemini?

Both are same Accuracy Rate but Chat GPT 4.0 gives us the referral link to the relatable Website, So considering it should be the better option among ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI.

Can we solve maths problems using ChatGPT?

Yes you can, all these three ChatGPT vs Gemini vs Copilot AI. are capable to do this task.

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