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24 Best AI Apps for Android and iOS – Free

Best AI apps for android and iOS free

We often hear about impressive AI applications for our computers and browsers, but AI apps for Androids don’t get as much attention. In this blog post, I’ll break down 25 free AI apps for android that you can start using today. Out of these 25 AI apps for android, all work on iOS, as that’s the platform I use, and 20 of them also work on Android. I will point out which apps don’t work on Android as we go along. 


My creative Author Preeti and I spent hours testing numerous AI apps for android to find the best ones worth sharing. Remember, all these AI apps are free. There are many other AI apps for android with premium features that require payment, but we’re focusing on the free options in this post. We’ll cover the premium ai apps for android in a future post. Let’s get started with the most obvious one: 

Pi ChatbotElsa SpeakPixaMotion
Character AIWombo DreamDolby On
SocraticStar AIGradient Music
AI WriterPhotoleapLuma AI
Shopify MagicVideoleapArc Search
MyMindMiroTalkie AI
*List of All Free AI Apps for android and iOS

List Of All AI Apps For Android


Chat Gpt -AI Apps for Android and iOS

ChatGPT is available in two modes: ChatGPT Plus, which uses GPT-4, and the standard free version, which uses GPT-3.5. If you’ve used ChatGPT on your computer, AI apps for android operates similarly. However, a significant difference with the Other ai apps for android is the ability to have voice conversations, similar to using Siri, but with better responses. 

In the free version using GPT-3.5, it doesn’t browse the internet but provides information from its training data. To start a voice conversation, simply hit the headphone button to the right of the message box. For example, you can ask it to tell you a story about a silly rabbit, and it will generate a fun narrative for you. The app then returns to the familiar chat interface, where you can read the story. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Pi Chatbot 

Pi Chatbot AI Apps for Android and iOS

Another chatbot worth mentioning is the Pi chatbot from Inflection AI, whose CEO, Mustafa Suleyman, was previously part of Google’s DeepMind. Pi is designed to be more conversational and personal, offering a different experience compared to ChatGPT. 

Pi chatbot from Inflection AI offers not only conversational abilities but also has realistic voice options. My personal favorite is Voice Number Six. To start a conversation, press the little phone icon next to the “Talk with Pi” box. You can ask Pi to explain slang or other queries. For example, asking “What does yeet mean?” results in Pi explaining it as a slang term with multiple meanings, primarily expressing excitement or the act of throwing something with force. 

Pi’s voices are soothing, making it suitable for creating meditations or similar content. It also has the ability to search the web for answers. For instance, asking about the current NFL playoffs teams yields an up-to-date response. Pi uses natural-sounding pauses, “ums,” and breath sounds to enhance realism. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both


AI Apps for Android and iOS

Perplexity AI offers both free and paid models. The free version excels at research, making it a strong alternative to Google Search for quick information. Although it doesn’t respond with a voice, it provides detailed responses and cites sources. 

For example, asking “What are the best AI apps for android?” results in a list including Lensa, Replika, and ChatGPT, along with additional questions and sources. Perplexity also features a “Discover” tab for exploring interesting topics. For instance, you can dive into discussions like “The Messi-Ronaldo Era Ends,” with sources and explanations provided. 

Perplexity AI recently integrated advanced models, including Code Llama 70B instruct, according to a tweet at the time of this recording. While it’s unclear if these models are available in the AI apps for android, the platform primarily uses GPT-3.5 unless you upgrade for additional options. Asking Perplexity what large language model it uses confirms the lack of specifics in the search results, maintaining some mystery around its exact setup. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Character AI 

Charcter Ai Best AI Apps for Android and iOS

Character AI is a fun app where you can engage in conversations with real or fictional characters. The AI characters respond as if they truly are the person you’re talking to. For instance, I had a conversation with “Mark Zuckerberg” who humorously corrected his middle name from Edward to David after a playful exchange. The app offers a unique and entertaining experience, perfect for kids and adults alike. You can even chat with characters like Tim Cook or Deadpool for a fun time. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both


Socartic Free AI Apps for Android and iOS

Socratic, developed by Google, is an excellent tool for solving problems using pictures. You can take a photo of a math problem, and it will analyze and solve it step-by-step. For example, I wrote a complex math problem on a sticky note, snapped a picture, and Socratic provided a detailed solution. Beyond math, you can ask general questions, and Socratic will offer answers along with related videos, Q&A, and more information from the web. It’s a versatile and entirely free app, making it a valuable resource for students and curious minds alike. 

Download Link for this AI App For iOS only Not Available for Android

AI Writer 

AI Writer for content and essay writing AI Apps for Android and iOS

AI Writer is a quick and easy tool for generating various types of messages. It offers numerous prompt templates to help you write SMS texts, essays, emails, and more. For example, you can use it to draft an email requesting time off from your boss. You can set preferences like text length and tone (e.g., persuasive) to customize the output. The app can also rewrite messages or write replies based on initial input, saving you time and effort. While there are paid upgrades available, I’ve been using the free version effectively. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android Only. Not available for iOS


Keywboard AI Apps for Android and iOS

SwiftKey by Microsoft enhances your typing experience by adding a new keyboard with AI-powered features. For instance, it includes a translate button, allowing you to type in one language and send the message in another. If I need to text my creative director, John, in French, I can simply type my message in English, and SwiftKey will translate it into French before sending. This feature is incredibly useful for multilingual communication without leaving your messaging app. 

SwiftKey, a keyboard app by Microsoft, offers impressive features like image generation using DALL-E. You can create and send images directly within your text messages. For instance, by clicking on the four little squares on the right side and selecting “Create,” you can describe an image you’d like to create, such as “a frog jumping on a dog’s head.” After a few seconds, the app generates multiple images fitting the description. You can then copy and paste the image into your message box and send it. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Elsa Speak 

Learn english With Elsa Speak Best AI Apps for Android and iOS

Elsa Speak is a fantastic tool for non-native English speakers to improve their pronunciation. The app provides daily English lessons. For instance, when you start a lesson, it pronounces a word for you, and you then repeat it. The app evaluates your pronunciation and provides feedback. If you mispronounce a word, it guides you on how to correct it. This app is excellent for anyone looking to enhance their English speaking skills through consistent practice. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both


Otter - AI Apps for Android and iOS

Otter is incredibly useful for meetings. You can record conversations, and Otter will transcribe them, identifying different speakers and breaking the conversation into manageable segments. The app also provides summaries and allows you to interact with the transcript. For example, you can ask Otter if a specific person or topic was mentioned in the meeting. This tool is great for taking notes and keeping track of important discussions, making it indispensable for business and academic purposes. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Wombo Dream 

Text to image Generator AI Apps for Android and iOS

Dream is an AI art generator that uses stable diffusion to create stunning images. While it has a paid plan, you can access the free version by bypassing the initial payment prompt. You can generate artwork by entering prompts. For instance, using the prompt “glowing crystal cosmic terrarium” and selecting a style like Dreamland V3, the app creates unique images. Additionally, Dream offers an Avatar feature, allowing you to take a selfie and generate creative portraits based on example prompts. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Star AI 

Star AI offers both free and paid plans for generating AI art. The free plan provides five credits a day, sufficient for creating one or two images daily. The app includes features for creating images from text prompts, image prompts, or sketches. It also offers tools for enhancing images, such as an enhance feature, magic canvas, and background removal. The magic canvas uses latent and consistency models to refine images. 

Star AI uses latent and consistency models to generate images in real-time based on your input. For example, as you type “a man” into the prompt box, it instantly generates an image of a man. If you add “wearing glasses,” the image updates to reflect a man wearing glasses. The app continually updates the image as you refine your prompt, such as adding “purple background.” Additionally, Star AI features a background remover that allows you to upload an image and remove its background with a single click, saving the edited image directly to your camera roll. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both


Photoleap by Lightricks offers a variety of AI-powered tools for photo editing. Within the AI tools menu, you can find filters and effects to transform your images, such as adding costumes, AI-generated backgrounds, and creating AI headshots. A unique feature is the hidden face tool, which incorporates your face into various scenes, like a city skyline or a pizza. You can also create pop art and explore many other filters, making it a versatile tool for creative photo editing. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Shopify Magic

Integrated directly into Shopify, Shopify Magic automates tasks, enhances product descriptions, and turns live chats into sales opportunities—perfect for anyone looking to launch or optimize an online business. 

Available for only Shopify Store


Videoleap, another app from Lightricks, is a powerful video editing tool with a free version available. It allows you to add effects, transitions, and filters to your videos. The app also includes features like background removal and scene changes within videos. One interesting tool is the AI Panorama, which stitches multiple images into a seamless video panorama. Despite the extensive feature set, the app is user-friendly and perfect for enhancing video content with creative effects. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both


Motionleap by Lightricks transforms still images into animated ones. For instance, you can animate a photo of a sand dune by selecting the area and defining the direction of the motion. The app allows you to add overlays like rain and change the sky color, creating dynamic and visually appealing effects. Motionleap also supports generating images using AI and then animating them, providing endless creative possibilities for your photos. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both


PixaMotion is another app that offers similar functionalities to Motionleap. It allows you to animate images and add elements like butterflies or hanging flowers to your photos. While the basic features are available for free, the app also has premium options for more advanced editing capabilities. PixaMotion is a good alternative for creating dynamic visuals from still images, adding an extra layer of creativity to your photos. 

PixaMotion allows you to add various elements and effects to your images, transforming still photos into dynamic visuals. For example, you can animate the water in a pool photo by selecting the motion direction and using pins to isolate the area you want to animate. The app also offers overlays such as floating hearts, bokeh effects, and energy orbs, which can be customized for transparency and placement. PixaMotion provides a wide range of options to creatively enhance your photos. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both


ColourPop is perfect for those who enjoy digital coloring. It includes an AI creator that generates images based on your prompts. For example, you can create a superhero image and then color it directly in the app. The interface offers various colors and tools like the Paint Bucket for filling areas. While the app features many ads, which can be intrusive, its unique coloring book experience makes it a fun tool for creative expression. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Dolby On 

Dolby On is an audio recording app that helps remove background noise, similar to Adobe’s speech enhancer tool. You can record audio or video and then use the app’s noise reduction features to clean up the sound. It offers additional tools for adjusting treble, mids, bass, and volume. The app is free and provides a convenient way to enhance audio quality on mobile devices. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Gradient Music 

Gradient Music is an AI-generated music app that creates personalized playlists based on your preferences. Whether you enjoy cyberpunk, lo-fi beats, or other genres, the app generates unique tracks in your chosen style. This makes it ideal for background music while working, as it ensures you never hear the same song twice. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Luma AI 

Luma AI allows you to create detailed 3D models from multiple images or videos of an object. By capturing various angles, the app stitches these images together to create a 3D NeRF (Neural Radiance Field) that you can explore from all angles. You can zoom in and out, rotate the object, and even place it in your environment using AR. For example, a NeRF of a geode taken in Colorado can be viewed from any perspective, and you can place it on your desk using the AR feature. The app is currently only available on iOS, with an Android version expected soon. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Arc Search is a powerful research tool that compiles information from multiple websites into a single comprehensive page. For instance, searching “San Diego Padres” brings up data from six websites, including Wikipedia, MLB, and CBS Sports, providing an overview of the team’s history, notable players, and upcoming games. You can also use Arc Search to gather information on yourself or other topics. It reads numerous web pages and compiles the data, making it easy to get a thorough understanding of any subject quickly. The app is currently available only on iOS. 

Download Link for this AI App For iOS only. Not available for android


MyMind is an innovative tool for saving and organizing content from the internet. It allows you to save articles, videos, tweets, and more into a personal archive. The app uses AI to tag and summarize saved content, making it easy to retrieve and understand later. For example, saving a research paper from GitHub generates a TLDR summary and adds relevant tags automatically. You can save content directly from apps like Twitter by sharing to MyMind, ensuring that you can quickly access and organize your favorite finds. 

And that little share trick works anywhere! If I find a web page in Chrome that I want to resurface later, I share it to MyMind. If I find a YouTube video I want to come back to, I share it to MyMind. A tweet I want to revisit? Share it to MyMind. GitHub articles, archive pages, all that stuff can be saved to MyMind, and it organizes it for me.  

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Miro: Collaborative Mind Mapping 

Miro helps teams collaborate effectively through mind maps, aiding in strategy development, data visualization, and team training. 

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

Talkie Ai 

Best AI Apps for android and IOS

Talkie AI introduces a fascinating way to engage with AI-powered characters through an intuitive app interface. Whether you’re seeking entertainment or meaningful conversations, Talkie AI offers a diverse range of personas to interact with.

On Talkie AI, you’ll find a main screen from which you can choose topics related to your interests. This way, this tool can generate characters to answer each of your questions without any hassle or hiccups.

This AI tool lets you chat with various AI personas. It’s an entertainment chat app where, instead of real humans, you get to socialize with AI bots of different personas. There are plenty of avatars, including anime characters, real-life and video game celebrities. As you chat with them, they respond in text and voice, providing more context so you can play out the simulation or scenario in your head. 

Users rave about its seamless interface and robust features, including unlimited messaging, rapid responses, and visually stunning character avatars. The app also offers a unique feature of unlocking hidden memories through collectible cards.

If you ever feel lonely and need a supportive partner, this app can provide companionship. Stay tuned for an upcoming content on how to use this application. 

Read More About Talkie AI – Read Our Full Post

Download Link for this AI App For Android and iOS Both

So, there you have it! Those are the 25 free AI apps for android that Preeti and I scoured the web for to find the best ones. These are our favorites so far. I’ll probably make another video in the future with more because they’re rolling out at such a rapid pace. But these are the ones we liked the most. Again, 23 out of the 25 are Free AI Apps for Android, all 25 are available on iOS, and all of them are free. While some have paid upgrades for extra features, everything I showed you in this post can be done right now, today, on your phone for free. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best AI apps for Android to improve productivity?

The best AI apps for Android to improve productivity include SwiftKey for enhanced typing, Otter for transcription services, and Miro: Collaborative Mind Mapping for organizing ideas and projects effectively. These apps leverage AI to streamline tasks and boost your efficiency.

Are there any AI apps for Android that can help with learning and education?

Yes, there are several AI apps for Android designed to aid learning and education. Socratic by Google provides detailed explanations and solutions to homework problems, while Elsa Speak helps improve English pronunciation through AI-powered feedback. AI Writer can also assist in improving writing skills.

What AI apps for Android are available for creative purposes like photo and video editing?

For creative purposes, some of the best AI apps for Android include Photoleap for advanced photo editing, Videoleap for video editing, and Wombo Dream for generating AI-driven visual art. These apps use AI to enhance and simplify creative processes.

Can AI apps for Android help with mental health and well-being?

Absolutely. AI apps for Android like Pi Chatbot and Talkie AI can provide conversational support and mental health assistance. Additionally, apps like MyMind can help you manage thoughts and ideas, contributing to mental clarity and organization.

How do AI apps for Android enhance communication and social interaction?

AI apps for Android enhance communication and social interaction through various features. For example, ChatGPT and Pi Chatbot offer conversational AI capabilities, while SwiftKey improves typing efficiency. These apps utilize AI to facilitate smoother and more effective communication.

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